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Sports Stadia Safety ConsultantsSports Stadia Safety Consultants

Ambercroft Solutions offer comprehensive expertise and guidance in sports stadia safety for stadiums and sporting arenas across the UK. This will enable you to comply with the safety of sports ground act 1975 as amended & the fire & safety at places of sport act 1987, as well as enable you to obtain a safety certificate as issued by local authority. The expertise is also offered to enable sports clubs to produce a safety operating manual to comply with the requirements of the safety certificate.

Golf Club Health and SafetyHealth And Safety in Golf

Golf is unique in sport, in that green-keeper's or contractors working on a course remain in the ‘field of play’ during the game. Obviously the green-keeper's role is to carry out essential works, remodelling of fairways and greens, and general duties on and around the course on a daily basis, the aim is to carry these works out as early as possible as to not disrupt members play.

Health and Safety at Work Act

In 1974 we saw the  introduction of the Health and Safety at Work Act (HSWA), although the early works expected by the greenskeeper's continued, with the HSWA came a greater awareness of the need to reduce the risks of injury to the greenskeeper's or contractors working on the course – mainly from being hit by golf balls, but also to reduce other risks faced during any works. With this also, comes a risk to the member or day golfer, from injury caused due to maintenance works - Under Section 3 of the HSWA, there is a statutory duty by the club to minimise their risk too. Unfortunately it's not always feasible to carry out works before play begins and as such there will be a number of maintenance, construction and works that must be carried out during the working, and golfing day. At Ambercroft Solutions we can help minimise these risks by making sure correct procedures and paperwork are in place before any work begins. Not only risks presented by essential maintenance, but also risks that are caused through players own unintentional actions and those of the club.

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