Construction Design and Management (CDM)

CDM - Construction Design and Management

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What is CDM ?

CDM (Construction Design and Management) is required where the project or contract is due to last 30 days or longer, or above 500 man days. The CDM regulations first issued in 1994 were updated in 2007 and it is a requirement of these regulations that the clients appoint a CDMc as early as possible in the project. Without doing so it then lands in the clients hands to take up this role.

The co-ordinator is the facilitator that makes sure the project team co-operates, and co-ordinates their work on Health & Safety and advises the client. The CDM co-ordinator needs different skills and competences to make sure these duties are met. In particular, they must advise the client on how to meet the client duties under CDM 2007, and assist them in doing so.

The Role of a CDM Co-ordinator

The role of a CDM co-ordinator is to provide the client with a project adviser on health and safety management, and makes sure the work is planned effectively – to assist with the appointment of competent contractors, to ensure proper co-ordination of the design process, and to prepare the health and safety file.

The main duties of our CDM co-ordinators are to advise and assist the client in meeting their duties as a client under the Regulations, in particular the duty to:

  • Notify HSE about the project
  • Advise and assist on the appointment of contractors
  • Co-ordinate design work, planning and other preparation for construction, where relevant to health and safety
  • Manage the flow of health and safety information between clients, designers and contractors
  • Produce or update a relevant user-friendly health and safety file suitable for use at the end of the construction phase
  • Ensure good communication between all parties on the project
  • To work with all involved in the project & co-ordinate the Health & Safety aspect from the design work to practice

We can offer a first class service that will work towards solutions and not finding problems which some contractors have found in the past. The CDM requirements require all documentation to be kept in a systematic and clear manner for the benefit of all parties.

In not appointing a CDM co-ordinator at the earliest stage can prove costly both financially and through lost time, so if you would like to find our more about our CDM services then contact us.

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