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Why We’re All Responsible When It Comes to Fire Risk Assessments

Fire Doors - Fire Risk AssessmentsWhen we think of fire risk assessments we think fire extinguishers and more than likely a set of employees with a mantra of “the boss can worry about it”. In reality aren’t we all responsible?

In this month’s blog we will look at the reasons behind fire risk assessments and why they are important, not only to you, the employer but also the role of your employees!

As we mentioned above, who exactly is responsible?

I guess the key wording under Article 9 of The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 is, every “Responsible Person” that covers as it says “Everyone” from employer, owner, occupier, leaseholder or hirer… but also your employees have a duty to follow procedures and identify any potential risk.

So what is a Fire Risk assessment and what’s its purpose?

As you probably guess from its name, a Fire Risk assessment is exactly that, it’s an assessment of the risk of fire in and around your work space or place of employment. From simple things like risk of fire from using welding equipment and burning gear to more complex or less obvious risks such as overloading plug sockets in the office or light fixings getting hot if your work space is in an older building.

Once risks are identified it is for you as a company or employee to adhere to necessary fire risk regulations and take reasonable precautions to avoid those identified risks from causing a fire. It’s also your duty to safeguard those working or visiting the area and making sure they and yourself are not put in a dangerous position.

But do we really need a Fire Risk Assessment?

I suppose the obvious reply is do you care about your own safety and that of those employed by or working around you?

Of course you do, but by the letter of the law if you employ five or more people and or a licence is in force then a risk assessment must be recorded and all documentation on file for an inspection by the fire authority or Health & Safety executive.

Did you know that in the UK alone it’s estimated that up to 80% of business have still not yet carried out a fire risk assessment and as such are in breach of the law!

So what can/should we do to comply with the law and protect our employees?

That’s the easy part, at Ambercroft we can arrange a full Fire Risk Assessment using our proficient and fully experienced personnel. Our qualified Fire Risk assessor is an ex Fire officer with many years of experience, he will visit your premises of work and put in to place all the relevant documentation required to make sure you comply with current legislations and regulations. All our prices are competitive but I’ll leave you with this thought… What price do you put on Safety?


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