“Your Health & Safety Partner”

Ambercroft Solutions

  • Do we/I need a Health & Safety procedure in place?

    • ALL companies employing 5 or more members of staff, including sub-contractors, are required by law to have H&S procedures in place
  • Who needs a Fire Risk Assessment?

    • As of November 2006 ALL commercial premises must have Fire Risk Assessments for their premises.
  • How much does a Health & Safety package cost?

    • With all our packages being bespoke, we cannot give you a price until we understand the full extent of what is needed to get you up to legal requirement. If however you require a one off form then they are priced from £50 each. Once paid for the documentation is editable and yours for life, no more payments are due unless upgrading or the law changes.
  • What documentation do I really need on site?

    • Documentation required is necessary to provide a safe working environment for your employees, others working alongside them, and the general public. The supply of the correct equipment , PPE and access to all works is vital. All works should have a comprehensive Task Sheet showing the exact task to be carried out along with the methodology and the definition of any risks. All risks once identified need to be reduced and managed. 
  • How long does it take to get my documentation?

    • As mentioned each package is tailored to your specific needs, usually it will take 7 days from receiving your old policies and company information to completion. However one off forms can usually be turned around in 48 hours. 
    • With CHAS applications we are at the timescales set by the CHAS appointed assessor and therefore we can not guarantee how long it will take to complete.