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Various high quality reactors for immediate delivery through our associates.

Reactors for sale

  • Zetterstrom vertical reactor -

    810 litre capacity 316 L ST8R -Dish top & bottom, rated 6 bar internal design pressure at -35 to 180 deg C.

  • Pfaudler glass lined reactor -

    model AEG30 type 9125, white glass lined 630 litre working capacity. 1 m dia x 1310 over dished ends.

  • Zetterstrom vertical -

    700 litre, working capacity 316 L stainless steel, dish top &  bottom. Internally rated 4 bar / full vacuum at -35 to 200 deg C.

Pharmaceutical Equipment For Sale

Covering all aspects of production & packaging.

Blister packaging.

Food production.

food plant for sale

Various food production equipment from chocolate production, biscuit, & confectionery to edible oils.

Packaging equipment also available.


Engine speed 1000 rpm alternator 3.8 MW, 11 KV, 0.8 PF, 50 HZ. Engine & generator are mounted on a combined base with resilient mountings,  off engine air inlet filtration unit. External mounted exhaust silencer, plate heat exchanger for jacket cooling water.v Installed in 2009 in excellent condition with full service history available. Generators & complete sets are stocked at our associates & cover a wide range of sizes & fuel sources.

We have a wide range of HEAT EXCHANGERS  and  CENTRIFUGES  available at very competitive costs.

Pumps & motors.

pumps for sale

A large selection of pumps from simple drive to stainless steel gear pumps to suit all requirements.

We have a huge range of items available so please contact us with your requirements however small.

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