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Do you have ageing or legacy plant that is your “life blood”, but you are experiencing difficulty finding spare parts? Are you looking for plant equipment for sale

Then contact Ambercroft Trading to help find replacement parts or personnel who can understand and solve your issues.

  • If we cannot find a component part we will re-design and make a replacement with modern materials.
  • We will source and hold spares for you and only deliver when you need them.
  • Let us find your spare parts, this will free your time to carry out your job more effectively.
  • Do you struggle to find knowledgeable engineers to analyse and resolve issues?
  • Consider your headache as our challenge.
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Do you require any new or pre used equipment?

Then please forward your requirements where we will search in conjunction with our associates, to meet your needs. Whether it be a single generator, tank or reactor up to a complete production plant nothing is too small or large. Should you wish to dispose of equipment, plant or packages then please forward details so we can obtain the best cost solution for you. All transactions will be carried at an agreed commission rate.

New/Used Equipment For Sale

See the latest equipment available currently on our books